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L'hospice de Malrigou:

15th century fortified house built between 1430 and 1440 by Amaury de Bideran said "MALRIGOU" trusted lieutenant of the lord of the Chatellenie, Amaury Estissac.

At the time the three towers and the main building are central crenellated openings smaller, there are loopholes and defenses, there is no moat and the gate opens in full reverse. An imposing central staircase ascends to the tower of the south connecting the main building and other towers. All buildings including towers and the central body were revised following damage sustained during the revolution.
There is however some evidence from this period (guns)

This house remained strong in the family Bideran until the early sixteenth century and will successively by marriages and alliances with families Estissac, Salignac Fenelon, Dumas, La Rochefoucauld, Lazignan, Chaunac Lanzac, Lapinerie of Laborie, Brown, and Maillard in 1900.

Bought this family of Maillard and restored in 1955 by designer Serge Royals, in 1965 it became the property of the sculptor-ceramist Chambost Pol.

Le jardin :

Since 2003, the gardens of this property are regularly open to public (Go to the garden, Local Heritage, Heritage Days) to match, and present the heritage and contemporary art exhibitions (ceramics, sculpture, fine arts etc. ... )

The garden, which adjoins the park and the built vernacular dependencies, was revived in the years 60-70 by the sculptor ceramist Chambost Pol.

Finally, the garden of perennials, direct link with the orchard and the forest is a more contemporary space, that of Philip Chambost, traveler-loving nature and biodiversity, an entomologist in the years 80-90.

Created in 2003-2004 This landscaped garden is gradually maturing. It is intended, by its spread in flowering season, to attract the insect fauna of the place. Thus butterflies, bees or rose chafer regale the visitor with their soaring, twirling, or buzzing.
On this site, dry stone walls, chestnut architecture, fence, arbor, junctions, which punctuate the spaces with harmony and balance to meet traditional roofs of old buildings.

Hospice de Malrigou
le bourg
24140 Saint-Jean d'Estissac